Dr. Saeidi is a lively individual and a motivated ethical dentist who cares for her patients on a personal level. She loves dentistry as per her “it is an art as it is science”.

Dr. Saeidi is always looking for improving her skills to bring the best techniques and technology to her patients. She has graduated with honors from University of Toronto in Chemical Engineering as well as Masters in engineering.

She has loved working with her hands as a child, with paintings and calligraphy as well as playing various musical instruments, but above all caring for individuals. So she attended Boston University to pursue her degree in Dental Medicine where she graduated magna cum laude.

Dr. Saeidi has been the recipient of awards in both engineering and dentistry, namely the Golden Key International Honor Society in 2005 and the American Academy of Esthetics Award in 2011. She has been an active member of several professional societies and volunteered throughout her life for different causes. She currently lives in San Francisco.