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Botox can correct your “gummy smile”

If your upper lip retracts too high when smiling or the upper jaw is too long, you could expose a lot of gum laughing; you have a permanent “gummy smile”. In addition, a high lip-line sometimes shows the narrow roots of your teeth and/or the gaps in between those (a.k.a. black triangles). There are different treatments for gummy smiles and a non-invasive one is using Botox; the two small injections by a specialist can relax your upper lip, that would in turn lower the smile line and only show your bright shining teeth, not the gums or the black triangles in between the teeth if present.


Our SF botox treatment and jaw pain relief

In addition to improving your smile, our dentists can use botox to address jaw pain associated with clenching or grinding. If you seriously clench or grind your teeth, chronic pain in your jaw muscles results; however, a few simple botox injections can free these muscles and release you from that pain or tension. In addition, this relaxation often erases smile lines and creates a youthful appearance by tapering down the large size muscles of a square shaped face.


Your botox treatment with our San Francisco dentist could be covered

Your dental insurance probably won’t cover this treatment. In fact, insurance rarely covers cosmetic dentistry similar to teeth whitening or porcelain veneers. Insurance shortcomings and limitations frustrate us but rather than merely complain, we’re doing something about it. We, at Soothing Dental, want to make quality dentistry accessible and affordable; so we created Soothing Dental Membership Plans. First, our plans impose no annual caps or limits on benefits. Second, our plans cover all of the services that we offer, even cosmetic dentistry. Third, our plans are very straight-forward, transparent, and honest. Get your botox, as well as gum contouring, porcelain veneers, and teeth whitening, and anything else you need. All in the same year. All covered.


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